In February 1994, with help from Stirling District Council, Hanging Together secured occupancy for one month of the Tolbooth old prison in the old town. Seven artists created various installations throughout the building including the former robing room and cells.

Most of the works were created in dark spaces, with some shown as real-time light projections and others viewed against the limited light available. This meant that the quality of documentation photographs was unable to convey much about the works.

However, it is possible to show photographs of two installations.


Peter Russell's "Howard Reforms - Respice Funem" (shown right) was a commentary on justice.

It linked the Tolbooth as the site of the execution of the radicals Baird and Hardie in 1820 with the "reforms" being proposed by Home Secretary Michael Howard.


Nicola Carberry's installation (below), situated within the part of the Tolbooth which served as the debtors' prison, took confinement as its theme.

It featured various items of found photographs, woods and metals strapped and nailed together, some carved with physical forms.