Hanging Together was formed in 1993 as a group initiative by professional artists based in Stirling, aiming to raise the profile of creative activity in central Scotland through engagement with the historical context and the present-day communities.

Together, the artists create and place their individual and collective art works in gallery and non-gallery spaces. Although the artists work individually on the topic of any project, complementary working practices and discussion mean that a collective work often emerges which is greater than the sum of its parts. The exercise is non-commercial, and in terms of location and construction, the works themselves are often transient. The group were also early adopters of online exhibition.

Hanging Together are Val Shatwell, Peter Russell, Paul Eames, Nicola Carberry, Karen Strang and Carolyn Mason.

Others who have worked on projects include David Campbell, Charuta, Jean Hendry, Emma Scott-Smith and Elaine Ford. The group have also worked on wider collaborative projects, with Fife Polish Artists Group, the Polish Sculpture Workshop at Oronsko, ZoR and On Gallery in Poznan.