Carol Mason
Tight Knit

Wool as home, comfort, memories, family. Bird houses in gardens provide warmth at a time of fragility. Strathcarron offers a place belonging, encircling us in support when we need it most.

Within Strathcarron grounds I have placed small woollen bird houses. Each house will hold a message. Be it a care label or image. These houses offer comfort and shelter. I remember as a little girl pretending to be asleep so that my dad would lift me from the car and I could cuddle into his woolen jumper. Wool to me is home, comfort, memories and family. The birdsí houses in the gardens hopefully provide a haven of warmth at a time of fragility. In time, maybe next spring, the birds will steal the wool and use it to build nests, continuing the cycle. Strathcarron is a place belonging to us, to our community, encircling us in support, when we need it most.