Paul Eames
Dream House

“Dream House” draws on a number of defining aspects of Culross Palace, the surrounding area and the space within which “Salt” is located.

My initial impression of Culross Palace was one of domestic order rather than magisterial splendour (as the notion of “palace” tends to imply). There is a constant human presence inherent in the objects, furnishings, and structure of the building. Further research highlighted the significant role played by Sir George Bruce in the development of the area of Culross, innovation of coal and salt mining (driven by his inventiveness and engineering skills) and the trade links between Scotland and Europe.

It is generally accepted that the space in which “Salt” is located was originally a child's playroom/nursery. I have used the form of a dolls house to offers low-tech solutions to the challenges of modern living.

“Dream House” purports to offer the complete satiation of human action through mechanical means as a model for “a life made easy”. For example, rather than cleaning the dinner table, you simply spin it round and let the dogs clean it for you. Similarly, the “coal shuttle” can draw coal from the Earth's core, whizz it around the draughty corridors of the “Dream House” on a heat-filled roller-coaster ride and spit it out into the fuggy sky.