Peter Russell
Rainbow Journey

For Strathcarron Hospice I have devised a group of seven pieces to be discovered in erratic fashion around the grounds. Each denotes a colour of the rainbow connected to a planet (or the sun), a day of the week, a metal (or earth), and a character. Three are raised on poles, as though growing from the ground, and four are wall or tree mounted. the core shape has rainbow sail on the longboat, but the hull connects with another invader of local significance, the Romans. In order they are:.

1 Rousing Red (wall behind the extension building) is for Mars, iron and Tuesday

2 Active Blue (the wall by the Snowdrop Garden) for Saturn, lead and Saturday

3 Individual Cyan (inside path by the pool) for Moon, silver and Monday

4 Nurturing Green (low wall by the greenhouse) for Jupiter, tin and Thursday

5 Bright Yellow (outside path by the pool) for Sun, gold and Sunday

6 Owning Orange (far end wall) for Venus, earth/copper, and Friday

7 Whimsical Mercury (by the fountain) is for Mercury (both planet and metal), and Wednesday